Page is an ongoing Work In Progress.

Welcome to the RP Character Page for Kaytiff! This page will follow a different format than what you are used to on most character pages. Instead of telling you everything there is to know about the character, I will provide you with some basic information to help get you started. I have worked hard on this character and I feel it does them more justice if people actually spend time role playing and getting to know him instead of just reading everything there is to know on some website.

If you want to be involved in the character's story, or if you simply want to set up some kind of plot between our characters, check out the 'Getting Involved' section for story ideas, rumors and the like to help you get started.

I'm not interested in ERP.

Note: I like to introduce my own powers, and that can come with the price of breaking canon from time to time. I like flexibility with people who RP with me, so if you are someone who follows canon without wavering, you might not like my characters.

Basic Information

Kaytiff is an Asura with cream skin and chocolate-colored dot markings all over his body. They are on the short side for an Asura and they don't seem to have very much body fat at all. Indeed they possess a very small frame for all the fighting they do.

They possess sky blue eyes and short blonde hair. Their ears are torn due to an incident in the battlefield. Their face, back and torso is covered with all kinds of scars, ranging from stab wounds to burns. Their most apparent scar is a glasgow smile, but they take measures to conceal it so as not to frighten those they interact with.

Due to all the damage they've sustained in combat, the character has had augmentations done to their body. They now have an artificial spine (which is outside / visibly attached to their back), digitigrad metal legs w/ clawed feet, and a serpent-like robotic tail that can reach about one foot out. He typically wraps the tail around himself and wears tattered robes to conceal his unusual features. The legs make him unusually heavy for an Asura of his size, and it renders him incapable of stealth because of the noise they generate with each step.